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McBean Parkway Bridge Widening Project | City of Santa Clarita, California

Upstream Face of Existing Bridge
Upstream Face of Existing Bridge
City of Santa Clarita
Project Description:
The City of Santa Clarita is proposing to widen the existing McBean Parkway bridge (Bridge No. 53C1840) by approximately 31 ft on the western side to bring the bridge to its ultimate planned width and increase pedestrian and bicyclist mobility. The project is located in the City of Santa Clarita in Los Angeles County. The widened bridge will have eight travel lanes to match the approach roads and alleviate traffic congestion during the peak commute hours. The existing pedestrian/bicycle trail that runs along the north side of Santa Clara River will be realigned to cross beneath the bridge; the path adjacent to the north abutment will be widened to accommodate the new trail alignment.

WRECO performed hydrologic, hydraulic, and scour analyses and prepared the Bridge Design Hydraulic Study and Location Hydraulic Study. WRECO complied with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works (LA DPW) Hydrology Manual, which has established the Capital Flood as the design storm for bridges. The Capital Flood is a 50-year storm event that occurs over a saturated watershed and includes the effects of fires and erosion on the watershed. WRECO also coordinated with the City of Santa Clarita on the design flows and bridge design freeboard requirements. The 100-year storm event was also used to verify the freeboard for the structure.

The scour analyses were evaluated following the criteria described in the LA DPW Sedimentation Manual and the Federal Highway Administration's Hydraulic Engineering Circular 18 manual.

Key Tasks:
Hydrologic & Hydraulic Analyses, Scour Analysis, Scour Countermeasure Design, Location Hydraulic Study, and Bridge Design Hydraulic Study
Santa Clara River, Looking Upstream at Channel and Levee
Santa Clara River, Looking Upstream at Channel and Levee
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