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Smith Street Crosswalk Improvements | City of Union City, California

Crosswalk - After
Crosswalk - After
City of Union City
Project Description:
The City of Union City replaced the existing crosswalks on Smith Street composed of brick pavers with an alternative that requires minimal maintenance and is aesthetically pleasing.

The project extended along Smith Street from Vallejo Street to Fredi Street and included replacement of crosswalks at Vallejo Street, Watkins Street, and Fredi Street. The project included replacement of broken concrete bands for brick paver crosswalks, utilizing stamped asphalt concrete at crosswalks; installation of in-road warning signals for the mid-block crosswalk near the post office; construction of new ADA compliant pedestrian ramps where required; and resurfacing of Smith Street and new pavement striping.

WRECO prepared the final plans, specifications, and estimate for this project and provided design support during construction.
Key Tasks:
Plans, Specifications, and Estimate for Crosswalk Design
Crosswalk - Before
Crosswalk - Before
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