Coastal Engineering & Shoreline Erosion

Gleason Beach Highway 1 Relocation Project | Sonoma County, California

Exposed Piles and Pavement Failure
Exposed Piles and Pavement Failure
Caltrans District 4
Project Description:
WRECO worked with Caltrans District 4 on this study to obtain information for the assessment of the proposed realignment and for use in the California Coastal Commission permit. The objective is to estimate the future erosion rate at Gleason Beach on Highway 1 in Sonoma County.

In the past, recurring repairs have been needed to maintain the operation of the existing roadway. Caltrans is currently planning to realign the Highway 1 landward in this area. WRECO's estimate of shoreline erosion took into account the projection of sea-level rise and its affect on wave climate and shoreline erosion rate.

The future bluff erosion rate, due to coastal processes, was estimated in order to determine the stability of the proposed alignment in light of predicted sea level rise. The erosion at this location appears to be primarily caused by wave action, except toward the north end of the site, where drainage discharge from cross culverts and other terrestrial mechanisms appear to be the dominant processes. WRECO proposed improvement recommendations in order to minimize the potential erosion.

Key Tasks:
Coastal Erosion Analysis, Wave Climate Study and Tidal Hydraulic Study
Looking Northeast, Occupied and Slumping House
Looking Northeast, Occupied and Slumping House
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