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Highway 1 Seawalls Design | Ventura County, California

Highway 1 Ventura Seawall
Highway 1 Ventura Seawall
Caltrans Districts 59 and 7
Project Description:
The project proposed to replace two failing retaining walls (Seawall Bridge Numbers 52-139 and 52-140) along Highway 1 in Ventura County. The sheet piles and concrete of the existing seawalls have been corroded and deteriorated while some portions of the rock slope protection have also been dislodged by the continuous ocean waves. The new seawalls are being designed by Caltrans Headquarters, Structures Division (District 59). As part of the Project Team, WRECO was responsible for studying the wave climate and providing design hydraulic data to the Caltrans structural engineers.

A key challenge of the project was that the permitting agencies indicated that they will not allow Caltrans to replace the dislodged rock slope protection. WRECO evaluated the long-term trend and potential coastal sediment transport at the project sites and made recommendations on necessary measures to maintain the stable beach profile at the sites.

Key Tasks:
Tidal Wave Transform, Storm Surge, Overtopping Analyses, and Sediment Transport Assessment
Existing Failing Retaining Wall
Existing Failing Retaining Wall
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