Construction Inspection & Monitoring

Davis Road Bridge Replacement Project | City of Stockton, California

Newly Constructed Bridge
Newly Constructed Bridge
City of Stockton
Project Description:
Davis Road Bridge over Pixley Slough is located approximately 500 feet south of 8 Mile Road in the City of Stockton in San Joaquin County. Pixley Slough is a channelized waterway that is tributary to Bear Creek, which drains to the San Joaquin River. The City of Stockton recently replaced the existing bridge with a wider bridge that will have 3 feet of freeboard.

The project's special considerations included several buried utility lines that will need to be moved, removed, and/or protected in place, during construction. These utility lines included, in particular, a water main and a 4-inch gas line to be removed by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) prior to pile driving operations. As part of the Project Team, WRECO's primary considerations for construction inspection was to make certain that the Contractor resolves the inevitable utility conflicts and discovered inaccuracies in utility locations in ways that do not affect the final bridge hydraulic characteristics - both in terms of the bridge's surfaces that direct flow and the bridge soffit.

Construction inspections consisted of the following:

  • Inspection of RSP fabric installation
  • Inspection of rip rap removal, stockpiling, and installation
  • Inspection of utility conflict resolution
  • Key Tasks:
    Construction Inspection and Evaluation of Special Considerations
    Project Site During Construction
    Project Site During Construction
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