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Vasco Winds Repowering SWPPP Project | Contra Costa County, California

Construction Site BMPs
Construction Site BMPs
Project Description:
The project is located in the southeastern Contra Costa County, California, in the Altamont Pass Wind Resource Area (APWRA). The project proposes to repower the existing wind energy facility by decommissioning and removing 438 obsolete wind turbines and associated infrastructure (including concrete foundations, transformers, and electrical equipment), as well as 286 foundations from which turbines already have been removed, and replacing them with up to 50 new, larger and more efficient turbines.

As part of the Project Team, WRECO's Qualified Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan Practitioner (QSP) staff conducts weekly site inspections, at a minimum, per the requirements of the Construction General Permit 2009-0009-DWQ (CGP). Site inspections include documenting and photographing Best Management Practices (BMPs), recommending any additional BMPs and necessary maintenance and documentation of BMPs installed. BMPs include fiber rolls and hydroseed for erosion control, silt fence for sediment control.

WRECO's QSP staff also conducts pre-, during-, and post- rain event inspections for any predicted rain event. In addition, WRECO's QSP staff samples the turbidity and pH during a rain event with inch or more precipitation.

On a quarterly basis, WRECO's QSP staff inspects each drainage area for the presence of non-stormwater discharges and documents the presence or evidence of said discharges.

Key Tasks:
QSP Inspection Services, Rain Event Monitoring/Sampling Services and Quarterly Non-stormwater Inspections
Silt Fence Installation to Prevent Runoff Going Downhill
Silt Fence Installation to Prevent Runoff Going Downhill
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