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San Pablo Creek and Wildcat Creek FEMA Mapping Studies | City of San Pablo, California

FEMA vs. Revised 100-Year Base Flood Limits
FEMA vs. Revised 100-Year Base Flood Limits
City of San Pablo
Project Description:
The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) proposed revisions to the City of San Pablo's Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that included greatly increased floodplain areas. The revised boundaries included 340 acres in the floodplain, with 1,200 homes added in the floodplain area.

The City of San Pablo retained WRECO to review the preliminary FIRM boundaries and results of the HEC-2 models prepared by FEMA for both San Pablo Creek and Wildcat Creek. WRECO also revised the models to include reductions in Manning's n values, recent channel improvements, bridge modifications, and an updated topographic map with 2-foot contours. The floodplain developed from the revised model included only 140 acres, a reduction of 60 percent from the preliminary FIRM values. WRECO assisted with the City of San Pablo's appeal of the FEMA preliminary FIRM. The revisions have been accepted by FEMA and were included in the 2004 maps.

Recently, WRECO has reviewed FEMA's recent migration to Digital FIRM (DFIRM) maps and determined that the new DFIRM for the City of San Pablo does not accurately reflect the floodplain determined in WRECO's studies, which was reflected in the 2004 FIRM maps. As a result WRECO filed an application for a Letter of Map Revision on behalf of the City of San Pablo. WRECO staff worked with FEMA staff to revise the DFIRM to accurately reflect the floodplain as delineated in the study, and successfully removed dozens of properties from the floodplain. A Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) was recorded in November 2010.

Key Tasks:
FEMA Hydraulic Studies, Floodplain Mapping and Letter of Map Revision
Survey of Wildcat Creek
Survey of Wildcat Creek
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