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White Slough Flood Control Project | City of Vallejo, California

White Slough
White Slough
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, San Francisco District
Project Description:
White Slough is situated between the Napa River and the City of Vallejo. White Slough receives tidal flow from Napa River and fluvial flow from Chabot Creek and Austin Creek. The White Slough Flood Control Project involved preparation of engineering work, Plans, Specifications, and the Design Documentation Report (DDR). The plan would provide protection against the 100-year flood with a 90% level of confidence. The 90% level of confidence included the statistical confidence limits above the median 100-year discharge. The majority of the design work under this task was for the Austin Creek portion of the project.

The project design included floodwalls, levees, the raising of two maintenance roads parallel to Austin Creek, removal and replacement of two culverts, complete removal of one existing precast culvert, and evacuation of a 100-foot wide breach in the Serrano Street Extension and a 500-foot long open weir structure that would allow overflow of flood water from Austin Creek into White Slough.

WRECO provided the Project Team with a unique design that included erosion control for a high flow event bypass weir between Austin Creek and White Slough.

Key Tasks:
Channel and Culvert Hydraulics, Bank Protection, Erosion Control, Internal Drainage and Utility Relocation
Erosion Control Plan
Erosion Control Plan
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