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540 Cleveland Avenue Geotechnical Investigation | City of Albany, California

Geotechnical Exploration
City of Albany
Project Description:
WRECO is currently providing on-call geotechnical services to the City of Albany (City). The first order of work issued under the contract was a geotechnical investigation for the property located at 540 Cleveland Avenue, which the City is considering acquiring in order to construct an office building and shop for the Public Works Department. WRECO's task was to verify that the site would be adequate for the City's proposed new office complex and garage.

The investigation was complicated by soil contamination with hazardous materials, a high groundwater table, and the presence of Bay Mud. The study included geologic sampling and standard penetration testing for foundations and parking lot design.

WRECO completed the investigation and verified that the site was suitable for the proposed City project.

Key Tasks:
Geotechnical Investigation
Proposed Project Site
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