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Belmont Creek Dredging and Sampling Project | City of Belmont, California

Project Dredging
Project Description:
Prior to the start of WRECO's watershed study of Belmont Creek, WRECO prepared a Technical Study Memorandum and plans and specifications for dredging sections of Belmont Creek adjacent to a corporate facility in San Carlos. The study evaluated the hydraulic effects of dredging Belmont Creek from the upstream property line to the downstream property line at the Industrial Road bridge.

During dredging, the project team noticed an oily sheen leaching from the excavated areas. WRECO took additional water quality samples of this sheen and tested the samples for contaminants. The results revealed that the sheen was a naturally occurring byproduct of bacteria decomposing matter from the creek bed as it was exposed to oxygen.

WRECO dredged approximately 540 cubic yards of material from the creek. WRECO performed soil sampling for toxicity and geotechnical analysis to determine how and where to dispose of the dredged spoils. WRECO also performed hydraulic modeling to determine the anticipated creek capacity changes based on the planned dredging.

Key Tasks:
Dredging, Water Quality and Soil Sampling, Water Pollution Control Plan, PS&E, Hydraulic Modeling
Sampling Oily Sheen
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