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Centennial Corridor Project | City of Bakersfield, California

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City of Bakersfield and TRIP
Project Description:
Caltrans is proposing to construct the Centennial Corridor as an east-west transportation corridor between State Route (SR) 58/99 in the Bakersfield Metropolitan area and Interstate 5 (I-5) in western Kern County. Currently, there is no direct connection between SR 58/99 in the City of Bakersfield and I-5 to the west. The proposed project would connect these two highways and increase regional mobility in Kern County, as well as the Bakersfield area. The project is part of the Thomas Roads Improvement Program (TRIP), a cooperative effort among the City of Bakersfield, Kern County, Kern Council of Governments, and Caltrans.

WRECO was responsible for documenting the potential impacts to the Kern River floodplain resulting from Segment 1, which extends from the existing SR 58 to Westside Parkway. A system of levees runs along either side of Kern River. Four build alternatives were evaluated, which represented four different bridge alignments. The impacts to the floodplain were evaluated qualitatively by comparing the water surface elevations between the different bridge alignment alternatives.

Additionally, WRECO is the lead geotechnical designer. WRECO has prepared and executed a field investigation program consisting of more than 80 soil borings within the City of Bakersfield, Kern County, and Caltrans' right-of-way. This required multiple agency coordination and coordination with Security Paving for the SR 99 borings to work within their construction zone. WRECO is also responsible for preparing Foundation Reports in accordance with Caltrans' report requirements for 20 new and widened bridge structures, as well as special-design retaining walls.

Key Tasks:
Floodplain Assessment, Geotechnical Investigation, Soil Borings, Agency Coordination, and Foundation Reports
Pavement Coring
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