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El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) | Santa Clara County, California

Project Rendering. Source: VTA
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
Project Description:
The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) proposes to upgrade the existing 522 Rapid Transit route on El Camino Real to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) status. To accommodate BRT status, improvements could include: 1) conversion of two lanes of El Camino Real (one lane in each direction, adjacent to the median) into dedicated BRT lanes that would use median stations; or, 2) installation of curb bulbout stations at BRT stops, in which case the BRT vehicle would operate in the right lane with auto traffic. Existing stations would be upgraded to rail-like stations with weather protection and other amenities. The project would also install bicycle lanes in areas with dedicated BRT lanes.

For this project, WRECO was responsible for the Water Quality Study, Preliminary Geotechnical Report, Location Hydraulic Study, and the corresponding sections for the environmental document during the environmental phase. The Preliminary Geotechnical Report evaluated potential hazards along the project alignment, such as landsliding, liquefaction, swelling soils, and seismic shaking. The geologic information was useful in the preparation of the Environmental Document, CEQA questionnaire, Preliminary Hydrology and Hydraulics Reports, and the Project Report.

Key Tasks:
Water Quality Study, Preliminary Geotechnical Report, and Location Hydraulic Study
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