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Page Mill Road Storm Damage Repair Project | Town of Los Altos Hills, California

Project Site During Construction
Town of Los Altos Hills
Project Description:
Page Mill Road in the Town of Los Altos Hills experienced storm damage during the winter of 2009/2010. High flows in Matadero Creek caused a bank failure that threatened the westbound lane of Page Mill Road. This damage occurred approximately one quarter mile west of Interstate 280, just downstream of where Matadero Creek crosses under Page Mill Road.

WRECO was contacted in June 2012 by the Town of Los Altos Hills to investigate and design a repair to protect Page Mill Road. WRECO developed a strategy that eliminated the need for environmental permits by avoiding biologically sensitive areas adjacent to the creek. This allowed the project to be designed and built before the winter of 2012/2013. WRECO performed a geotechnical investigation and prepared initial recommendations for a buried cast-in-drilled-hole (CIDH) pile wall that was designed to protect westbound Page Mill Road from damage if the existing slipout got larger and potentially took part of the traveled way of Page Mill Road during the upcoming winter rains.

WRECO also provided preliminary recommendations for future creek improvements and embankment reestablishment. These improvements considered fish passage and permitting agency requirements.

Key Tasks:
Geotechnical Investigation, Erosion Countermeasure Design, and Construction Support
Project Site During Construction
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