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East Branch of Huichica Creek Culvert and Fish Passage Improvement Project | Napa County, California

Huichica Creek Step Pool
Huichica Creek Step Pool
Caltrans District 4
Project Description:
WRECO worked with Caltrans District 4 on this stream restoration project, which included channel regrading, bank revegetation, fish passage and roadway cross culvert design. This project was part of the State Route 121 Curve Corrections Safety Project in Napa County, California. The project proposed to shift the roadway alignment slightly to the north at East Huichica Creek in order to increase the radius of the existing tight curve.

The project corrected the ongoing creek bed incision and bank erosion by regarding the channel and incorporating rock weirs to facilitate fish passage. WRECO performed a site evaluation to establish feasible fish passage improvements and channel restoration options.

WRECO's investigation revealed that the target species was the adult steelhead. This species determined the hydraulic parameters of the step-pool design that included high and low fish passage flows and allowable shear stresses. The design also incorporated planting and erosion control, prepared by Caltrans' landscape architects.

Key Tasks:
Channel Reconfiguration, Culvert Design, Hydraulic Design for Fish Passage Analysis, Construction Plans, Specifications and Estimates, and Construction Support
Huichica Creek Step Pool Design
Huichica Step Pool Design
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