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Sabercat Creek Mitigation Wetland Project | City of Fremont, California

Aerial View of Sabercat Mitigation Site
Aerial View of Sabercat Mitigation Site
Caltrans District 4
Project Description:
At the request of Caltrans, WRECO performed hydrologic and hydraulic analyses and developed complete plans, specifications and an engineering cost estimate (PS&E) for the design and construction of a 0.4 acre wetland and 4.0 acre riparian woodland mitigation area. The site was created where Sabercat Creek crosses beneath Interstate 680 near Sabercat Road. The mitigation site compensates for impacts to wetlands, waters, and riparian habitat incurred by the Interstate 680 HOV Lanes Project.

The project was also an opportunity to daylight approximately 140 feet of creek channel in buried concrete culverts. Creek restoration used a boulder step-pool design approved by the Regional Water Quality Control Board and California Department of Fish and Game.

Construction was completed in 2011. WRECO is currently coordinating the hydraulic monitoring and agency monitoring requirements and reporting.
Key Tasks:
Hydrologic and Hydraulic Analysis, Design PS&E, Construction Management, Post Construction Monitoring, and Permit and Agency Coordination
Sabercat Creek Boulder Step Pools
Sabercat Creek Boulder Step Pools
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