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Los Osos Valley Road/US 101 Interchange Improvement Project | City of San Luis Obispo, California

Prefumo Creek Crossing US 101
Prefumo Creek Crossing US 101
City of San Luis Obispo
Project Description:
The purpose of this project is to perform floodplain risk assessment and recommend mitigation measures for the proposed improvements of the Los Osos Valley Road (LOVR)/US 101 interchange in the City of San Luis Obispo, California. The improvements are proposed by the City of San Luis Obispo, Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration. Creeks studied for the project included San Luis Obispo Creek, Prefumo Creek and Froom Creek.

As part of the Project Team, WRECO was responsible for the floodplain studies. WRECO performed the analysis using the one dimensional HEC-RAS model, as well as the two dimensional (2D) FLO-2D model and FESWMS model. The 2D models were applied to better simulate the spilled flows from San Luis Obispo Creek over Prefumo Creek. The 2D modeling results provided good representation of the complicated floodplain flows. The analysis was also performed to assess the feasibility of fish passage improvements.

Key Tasks:
Hydraulic Analysis, Water Quality Studies, Floodplain Risk Assessment, Floodplain Hydrodynamic Modeling, Fish Passage Planning and Preliminary Design
FLO-2D Model Result
FLO-2D Model Result
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