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Burlinghome-Easton Water Main Capital Improvement Project Phase I and Phase II | City of Burlingame, California

Project Site During Construction
Project Site During Construction
City of Burlingame
Project Description:
This project was part of the City of Burlingame Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which included the preparation of Home Connection Design for approximately 600 homes, pipeline design for approximately 37,000 lineal feet of 6-inch to 16-inch water mains, and the design and planning of fire hydrant locations, service connections, pressure reducing valve stations, blow-offs, air relief valves and related water system appurtenances.

As part of the Project Team, WRECO designed and coordinated the pipeline construction at intersections congested with other underground utilities, including gas, telephone, sewer, fiber optics, storm drain, and existing water distribution and transmission mains. In addition, WRECO efficiently and successfully designed three Pressure Reducing Valve Stations to interface the Hillside Tank Pressure Zone with the Donnelly Tank, Canyon, and San Francisco Public Utilities Commission pressure zones.

WRECO staff also provided construction support until the completion of the entire project.

Key Tasks:
Water Main Pipeline Design and Construction Support
Project Site During Construction
Project Site During Construction
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