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Sunnyvale Citywide Sanitary Sewer Main Replacements 2011 | City of Sunnyvale, California

WRECO Staff Performing Inspection at Project Site
WRECO Staff Performing Inspection at Project Site
City of Sunnyvale
Project Description:
The project is located throughout the City of Sunnyvale and consists of sanitary sewer main replacements and reconnection of sewer lateral to new mains at 10 locations. Sewer mains range from 6" to 27" in size and as long as 2,560 LF. The project's total linear feet is close to 9,000 LF.

The project consists of replacing or lining the sanitary sewer mains. The existing 6" sewer pipes will be upsized to an 8" diameter Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or equivalent pipeline. The existing service laterals will be tied back into the new sewer main. Each sewer line is being evaluated by performing Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) inspection. Depending on the structural integrity of the sanitary sewer lines and laterals, utility crossings, and traffic conditions, various methods (open cut, pipe bursting or pipe lining) for replacing the pipe line will be proposed for the most cost-effective option for the City of Sunnyvale.

WRECO was retained by the City of Sunnyvale to prepare the plans, specifications, and estimate, construction staging and demolition plans, and permitting for the project.

Key Tasks:
Project Management, CCTV Inspection, CEQA, Encroachment Permit, Design Report, Plans, Specifications and Estimate, Permitting, Agency Coordination, and Bid and Construction Services
CCTV Inspection at Carson Drive
CCTV Inspection at Carson Drive
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