As a certified Green Business, WRECO implements eco-friendly business practices in our offices and develops innovative solutions to maximize preservation of the environment and minimize our project footprint.

WRECO's project goal is to incorporate our vision of sustainability by creating the foundation for environmentally responsible communities, which will ultimately benefit all. This goal is achieved through knowledge of regulatory requirements and standards, implementation of the latest stormwater treatment best management practices and hydromodification technology and innovations, and utilization of advanced solutions to address complex water quality and stormwater needs to protect the environment.

WRECO staff consist of experts in stormwater treatment and mitigation measures, who prepare low impact development (LID) designs and techniques, providing our clients with design solutions that solve their challenges, while also preserving and enhancing the natural conditions of our environment.

WRECO projects apply green features such as tree well filters, biofiltration soil mix, and rain gardens include:

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